Some Things You Can Do To Slow Down The Aging Process

After I published an article last week about slowing down the aging process, some of our readers have expressed their desire to find out more about this. As a result, here is a list of things you can do to prolong the aging process, as obtained from another source. Some of these overlap with the other article, but they are indeed worth repeating.

One: Drink Enough Water

This piece of advice is not just for people who want to look younger, but for people in general who want to stay healthy. That’s why the Granite Fitness blog has published several articles on this topic alone. From an anti-aging perspective, drinking sufficient water prevents your skin from looking dry and tight, and prolongs the wrinkling process.

Two: Minimise Your Sugar Intake

Just like the previous tip, this one is also for the general public. In relation to aging specifically, sugar in your bloodstream can combine with proteins to form molecules that can make your skin more wrinkled. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for fruits instead of sugary snacks. If you are into chocolate, go for dark choc instead.

Three: Keep A Healthy Diet

While I’ve put this as number three on the list, it is, in fact, number one on the priorities pecking order. If you think about it, aging is the maturing of organs, one of which is your skin. Therefore, providing your organs with healthy food can slow down the process of aging. Always ensure you consume the necessary nutrients that can optimise the way your body functions. The Strategic Nutrition Guide can help you with this one.

Four: Ensure You Have Sufficient Sleep

You probably have heard before that a lack of sleep causes dark circles to form underneath your eyelids. This would, needless to say, make you look older. Imagine how you would look if you have chronic insomnia, or choose to have minimal sleep. Poor sleeping habits are also linked to a myriad of other health-related issues.

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Five: Limit Your Alcohol Intake

No, we are not the fun police.  We say this for a reason. Excessive alcohol intake can dehydrate you and remove vitamins and minerals from your body – you know, the vitamins and minerals that keep you looking young and healthy. So keep your alcohol intake in moderation.

Six: Use Sunscreen

The sun is actually something that can be damaging to your skin if you are exposed to it in excess. This is particularly true where I live, which is sunny Australia. It can cause wrinkles and spots, and can also make you look dry and withered. A little bit of sun is okay, and in fact encouraged, but please use sunscreen. On this note, wearing sunnies when outdoors during summer is also a good suggestion.

Seven: Stop Smoking

Like it or not, smoking can make someone look a lot older than their true age. I know some people will protest at the idea that smoking will reduce your lifespan, evidenced by old smokers. But when you think about it, those people haven’t aged gracefully, have they?

Eight: Exercise Often

You shouldn’t be surprised that I came up with this one. After all, this is a health and fitness blog. Apart from weight loss, frequent exercise also stimulate the production of many hormones which can help you not only stay healthy, but look young as well. A good exercise plan also comes with many other benefits. Check out the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint for this one.

Nine: Reduce Heavy Makeup

The first thing I’ll say to this is that it is a self-esteem issue. You have the right to feel completely comfortable going au-naturale. However, we do know that some occasions demand make-up, and that is okay. Just try to minimise your use of makeup. Foundations and powders can prevent pores from performing their essential function, so you can imagine what that can do, right?

Ten: Stay Happy

This is a difficult one for most of us to achieve, because it is natural to react to external stimuli; no one doubts this. However, put some effort into it, and it will pay dividends. Besides, when you are elderly, you have a limited time left on this earth, so might as well be happy and live everyday as a jolly person, right?

I hope this helps, and that you can incorporate some of those tips.


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