Ways To “Cheat” At Healthy Eating – Revealed!

When we see the word ‘cheat’, we almost instinctively associate it with negative connotations, don’t we? In the world of health and fitness, we often hear of ‘cheat meals’, which we use to reward ourselves every once in a while. In this article, however, we will be using ‘cheating’ in a positive way – to help you towards your fitness goals.

In this article, we will be debunking some food-related myths that many of us are guilty of – myself included. The following points will provide the rationale in great detail. As such, I have to forewarn you that this is only suitable for the pedantic people who are willing to compromise on convenience. Here goes:

One: Want To Go Organic? Choose Cheese

Weird way to start the list, but yes we’re going to bag on those who get organic fruits and vegetables. Most people do it because these aren’t much more expensive than “non-organics”. However, think about it – animals raised on non-organic crops have antibiotics stored in their fatty tissues, which we partially get from our non-organic cheese. So if health is your main concern, go organic on the cheese instead of the veggies.

Two: Canned Tomatoes? Maybe Not.

Okay, some of us buy tinned tomatoes because we are too lazy to slice them. I’ll be the first to admit guilt on this one. Recently, however, there have been some concerns over a compound called Bisphenol A that can be added to cans to protect the integrity of the can. While it generally is quite low anyway, those who are concerned about it can opt for alternatively packaged tomatoes. Good luck finding those!


Three: Smaller Bottles Of Olive Oil

Some of us like to use olive oil for our cooking, which is great. And penny pinchers, myself included, are tempted to add this item to the list of food stuff to buy in bulk, so that it’s cheaper per portion. While this tactic works for some products, it apparently does not work for olive oil, which is known to go bad quickly. The same also goes for your seeds and nuts. Don’t go big just to save if it can go bad quickly.

Four: Stick To ‘Steel Cut’ Oats

If you have been in the world of health and fitness for a while, you will know that oats have been linked to better health such as reduced risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol, right? What you might not have known is that the research was based on steel-cut oats, and not the instant variety. You see, the process of converting oats to the instant variety involves wiping out some components, resulting in its low-GI properties being compromised.

Five: Frozen Foods With A Hazard

This point is a sucker punch to myself. For a long time, I have mentioned that there are little differences between fresh and frozen food. True enough, studies have confirmed this. In fact, one study even found higher levels of nutrients in frozen food. The unfortunate bit, however, is that certain frozen foods may harbour bacteria that can survive through snap-chilled conditions. I’m talking about lettuce in particular, eeks.

I hope this list has helped you. But as I said at the very beginning, it is only for the more pedantic people in the community. For everyone else, just stick to some basic sensible knowledge, like the content found in the Granite Fitness Masterclass. Get it today!

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