Are you an advertiser or advertising firm that has stumbled upon our site? Or perhaps you are an online salesperson or product creator who needs to reach out to a certain demographic. If you are, congratulations on finding one of the most respected amateur health and fitness blogs on the net.

Oh, there is a reason why we used the word “amateur”. You see, the internet has many “professional” blogs which has the sole purpose of generating advertising income. That’s okay – we respect them and recognise that many of them are digital nomads. But we are different because we identify more as grassroots fitness enthusiasts. Writing about fitness is not our full-time job, but our passion.

Does this relate to you as an advertiser? Yes it does! Being grassroots, we will always put our readers first. As such, we are very careful about vetting our advertisers, as our priority is to ensure our readers have a positive experience. In other words, our reputation is paramount.

That being said, we are always welcome to work with private and network-based advertisers, as long as your product and/or sponsored content is relevant for our target demographic and will benefit our fanbase. We have had many advertisers contact us, and unfortunately had to turn down quite a lot of them despite their tempting offers. This is how much we value our integrity.

As professional advertisers, your marketing and analytical tools will undoubtedly reveal our blog stats such as Domain Rank, Page Rank, traffic, engagement and SEO. Before you proceed with those, let us first help you determine if the fit may be right in terms of target demographic by mentioning that our fanbase is primarily made up of women between their 20’s and 50’s living in western countries, although we do have a very mixed demographic compared to other fitness blogs.

So if you like what you read so far and still feel that you are interested in advertising on our site, or would like to enquire more, then please feel free to contact us on the form below. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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