Best Boxing Exercises at Home with Gloves

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“Boxing is the best aerobic workout. Aerobic exercises are the best in getting your heart rate up, and also lower the risk of blood pressure, stroke, and several cancers. It can also boost up your mood, strengthen your muscles and joints. You are able to burn more calories and can make your muscles toned as well.

If you don’t want to go to the boxing club, due to a pandemic or any other reason there is no need to worry about it, as there are certain ways of practicing boxing at home as well. But before you start practicing boxing or any other workout you need to get appropriate gym workout clothes first. Make sure the workout clothes are comfortable, sweat-wicking, and are stretchable as well. Elite sports workout clothes are available at the cheapest price with the best quality.

Before starting any workout it’s important to warm up yourself first. So there are a few warm-ups that a boxer can do before practicing boxing skills. Some of these warm-up exercises are

  1. Duck and weave
  2. Skipping rope
  3. Shadowboxing/shadow sparring
  4. Pad works
  5. Parry return drills

Training like a sportsman is all about intensity. As I mentioned above boxing is helpful in building up your shoulder, arm, neck, and back muscles. So, if you want to become a world-class boxer you need to be devoted and should practice your boxing skills as much as you can. I would say if you have a punching bag, boxing gloves, and pads that would be sufficient. If you are a beginner there is no need to invest a lot in boxing equipment, instead invest less in starting, and afterward, when you get more experienced and much trained, you can invest in getting high-quality boxing gear.

Boxing workouts are mostly time taking, as most of the time is utilized in drilling and conditioning. A boxing workout involves the execution of various punches and kicks performed at high speed.  So there are various workouts which you can do at home with the help of a punching bag.

Throwing Jabs

Stang in front of your punching bag wearing boxing gloves, keep in mind that boxing gloves prevent the injury of your delicate knuckles so it’s important to wear them during your fighting and training sessions.

So in order to throw a jab, with your dominant footstep forward.  Now move a little bit more forward with your elbow in, and your dominant hand a bit higher in position than your other hand. Make sure to make your shoulders closer to your chin, so that you are able to resist and protect yourself.

Execute the punch straight on the punching bag as if you are hitting the head of your opponent.

If you want to join boxing or any other workout classes you just need to get suitable gym attire, as I mentioned above. Make sure the gym outfits are breathable and provide you with proper fit as well. Elite sports gym workout outfits are long-lasting and sweat-wicking too.

The Cross

The cross is also known as the powerful punch in boxing. In order to execute the cross punch on the heavy bag, make sure you are wearing the appropriate boxing gloves. Your gloves should provide you with the proper fit, should be comfortable and your fingers should properly fit upon the top of your gloves without cramping them. Now stand in the stance of boxing, with your fist in the straight position, now move your body a little bit forward. Keep your elbow in ( near your belly button), get into your fighting stance, and execute the punch on the heavy bag.

The Hook

In order to execute the hook stand in a boxing stance, with your fist in a forward position (against your chin). Put your body weight on your right leg and move your body a little bit forward. With your elbow slightly bent, get your dominant hand upon your shoulders, I mean your hand should be slightly above the height of your shoulders. Now execute the punch by rotating your hips and moving your body a little bit forward. If you want to increase the punching power, and speed of your hands you should train with boxing pads. So some of the boxers prefer practicing boxing drills with gloves and others with pads, as both have different purposes.

Defending yourself from the counter punch

You can also practice several drills on the punching bags, called defensive drills that make you learn how you can defend yourself from your opponent’s punches. This drill is pretty much simple and easy, you can execute various sets of punches imagining the punching bag as your opponent’s head. Start all the above-mentioned boxing workouts with the help of boxing gloves or pads. There are immense advantages of punching pads as they can provide the core stability, power and also improve endurance. On the other hand, boxing gloves are meant to provide protection to your hands and sensitive bones of your knuckles and also prevent you from various injuries.”

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