Relief Stress At Your Workplace With These Suggestions

Here in the western world, many of us are engaged in full-time work while others are not. This article is aimed at the former group, of which I also fall into. With so much time spent in roles where there are various levels of responsibilities, stress is an inevitable outcome at least at times. Here are some short tips you can implement to reduce your stress levels.

One: Listen To Music

Pretty basic, isn’t it? Some people tend to overlook this as well. I doubt you will have any difficulty believing that music can soothe the soul and make things more pleasant. But you have to find what works for you, because music is something personal and individual.

Two: Go For A Walk

If you are allowed to take short breaks at work, this might be the ideal tip for you. If you are stuck in front of the computer for a few hours, taking a short walk of even a five-minute duration out in the open can lift your mood and refresh you. Just make sure the outdoor conditions are conducive to it.

Three: Stretch

If you find yourself in a stagnant position for a long time, it would be no surprise that some parts of your body, such as your back, neck and shoulders will become stiff. Stretching a little will definitely help relieve the stiffness of those muscles, and it gets the blood flowing as well.

Four: Healthy Snacking

Now, every time I talk about food, I have to do it cautiously, as this is a health and fitness site after all. It is true that if you are a grazer, regular snacking of healthy food can ensure that you have enough energy throughout the day. Watch the disclaimers though! It has to be healthy and you have to eat it in moderation.


Five: Get A Massage

This one is easier said than done for some people. If you are privileged enough to work near a massage area, a quick nip to the massage parlour in the middle of your day could be what is required to de-stress. Of course, you must know how to work this around your work schedule.

Six: Browse The Net

I know, I know – you probably use the internet a lot if you have a desk job. This piece of advice, however, is more specific. Go online to search for pleasant images of nature and other greenery. It might sound a little unusual, but those who have tried is generally swear that it works, so there!

Seven: View The Humour In Unfortunate Situations

You need to use your discretion with this one. Obviously, if you receive notice of someone’s death or sacking, then this will not apply. But other things like equipment malfunction can be funny in a twisted sense, unless of course you have an important deadline to meet. Just try to think of it in the future tense. If you can laugh at it in the future, why not laugh about it now?

Eight: Pictures Of Your Loved Ones

What do you value the most? For a lot of us, time spent with family is extremely valuable, and we would give anything, even our lives, to protect our loved ones. Having photos of them at your office desk is something that can help ease some tension off. This, of course, does not apply if you have strained family relations.


Nine: Talk About Things

As humans, we are meant to be social creatures anyway. People who live as a hermit in isolation generally age faster, and this happens for a reason. So if something is stressing you out, having a verbal outlet to vent is always a welcome thing. However, always pick the right person and the right time – now this is the challenge.

Ten: Appreciate Nature

People are always attracted to beautiful things. This is a general rule that has not been proven otherwise yet. Unless you are living in a place with no nature or scenery, make it a point to take some time out to enjoy simple things like trees, grass and flowers. These are the things we often take for granted until they are taken away from us.

Eleven: Play With Your Colleagues

Depending on your work arrangement, this might be possible. Find some interesting short-duration games which you and your colleagues like, and simply play them. Just make sure they are not too competitive or taken too seriously; otherwise it will make your BP go up instead. Needless to say, don’t form any underground gambling dens. The stress of looking out for authorities will defeat the purpose of this.

Twelve: Breathing Exercises

This one does not only apply to hippies. Breathing is a natural phenomenon which we all must perform. However, this is also one of the oldest and simplest techniques of unwinding and de-stressing. It does not have to be yoga, but it can be. Try it some time and find out for yourself.

I hope these tips have been helpful, and that you can implement some of those tips at your workplace.


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