Five Tips To Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

It is often said that weight loss success is 80% diet and 20% exercise. While the accuracy of this is unknown and often argued, most experts will agree that diet plays a vital role in the process. This is also what I have discussed extensively in my book the Strategic Nutrition Guide, which every person who is serious about weight loss should get. In the meantime, here are some easy ways to eat less.


One: Calorie-Counted Portions

It is extremely difficult to control the number of calories you consume unless there is some way to measure it. While this is almost impossible, one thing you can do is control your calories by preparing snacks ahead of time. For example, if you see products in the supermarket that are packaged such that each pack contains 150 calories, then you know for sure that if you only eat one pack, 150 calories enters your system – no more!

Two: Smaller Bites

Another simple trick you can implement immediately is to cut your food into smaller pieces. The reasons behind this are both psychological and physiological. Scientists will tell you that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to acknowledge the “signals” that you are no longer hungry. Smaller bites take more time to consume in general. Therefore, by the time you’re only part way through the meal, the signals might have reached your brain and your hunger might have subsided. Simple, isn’t it?

Three: Smaller Crockery

This one is really not a secret, but needs to be reiterated. There is a reason why nutritionists and dieticians advise people to use smaller plates and bowls – and that is because it really does impact upon portion control. If you have a larger plate in front of you, it will seem like you have eaten less food compared to a smaller plate with the same portion. So trick your mind and opt for the smaller plate or bowl instead.

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Four: Include Breakfast

Okay – a list is never complete without at least one point of controversy. In this case, it is the issue of breakfast. Some experts say that it is essential for weight loss, while some say that it has no impact. Scientifically, there is some basis to it – both hormonal and psychological. You see, if you have a good planned breakfast, you are less likely to binge on unhealthy snacks later in the day. That’s essentially it.

Five: Pick Your Spot

When you are eating, you want to be in a place where you are able to focus on your food. Without trying to sound like one of them pretentious degustation hipsters, the more you are able to enjoy your food, the more aware of how much you are putting in. By removing yourself from an environment of distraction, such as in front of the TV, you will instinctively know when to stop – which is of course, when you are no longer hungry.

I hope these tips have been of help. They are essentially simple things that can make a difference in the long-term. If you are unable to apply even these simple concepts, your weight loss journey might be impeded, if it has any chance of succeeding, that is.  Once again, if you are really serious about controlling your diet, the Strategic Nutrition Guide is an essential read. All the best.



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