How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Want To

Alright, you’ve heard this a thousand times. Water is not just essential, it is also good for you. I have even wrote an entire blog post about this here. But if you are like me, drinking water is sometime boring. I mean, water is so basic that it hardly has any taste. I don’t blame you for whinging about it because I do it to. So today I’m going to reveal some ways you can ensure that you have sufficient water intake.

One – ice cubes

This might be a strange one, but some people have sworn by the use of fruits in ice cubes in order to make their water more palatable. Try adding berries or other fruit juices to your ice cubes. Lemon is by far the preferred flavour for these purposes. It will probably give it a bit of a tangy flavour without being overbearing.

Two – space it out

You know how it’s tradition to have three meals a day right? Well what’s stopping you from doing the same thing with your water? If you don’t like the taste of water and don’t want to sip on it all day, you can probably schedule it as three such “meals”, so to speak. Honestly, I’m not quite in favour of this idea, but I can’t say it has no merit either, so check if this can work for you.

Three – bring it in

This approach is just the opposite of the previous one. I know it might seem like I’m teaching you to suck eggs, but it is a good option in some cases, such as when exercising. Isn’t it funny that we complain about the advice to sip throughout the day but complain a lot about the opposite when it comes to working out? This time we’re introducing flexibility to the system. Try shaking up the system for a change.


Four – fizz it up

If you’re a soft drink addict, chances are that one of the things you love is the fizzy and tangy feeling that comes with it. Cue sparkling water, which can meet that need. On that note, certain Eastern European countries have reported higher sales of sparkling water compared to  non gassy bottled water. Not very relevant, but interesting nonetheless.

Five – have some fruit

You’ve probably heard of some animals that do not even need to drink water to survive. I used to keep some land tortoises that were like that. They get their water from certain fruits. Although we can’t get all our water from fruits, we can get some from it. As an added bonus, fruits might even be lower in calories compared to some other foods.

Six – novelty vessels

Alright, I admit, I’m trying to be smart with this one. Some people have recommended changing the vessel you use. I.e drinking from a glass, a plastic bottle, or a glass one. It might seem trivial to us, but some people swear by it. After all, if you bought a beautiful glass over the weekend, won’t drinking from it be a joy?

Seven – tea time

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who dislikes all forms of tea. Most people like certain, if not most forms of tea. Although it is true that tea is a diuretic i.e it can drain water out of your system, it can also hydrate you. Furthermore, tea also contains plenty of good antioxidants that your body can do with.

Eight – soup it up

This is a bit like the third and fifth point of this article. A soup meal will hydrate and nourish your system at the same time. Of course, I’m referring to meals that have a substantial vegetable component to it. If it has meat as well, then it will give you protein as well. Isn’t that great?

I hope these eight tips have been useful to you. Truth be told, I’m also reluctant to drink water sometimes, so these will definitely help me as well.


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