Don’t Deprive Yourself Of Your Favourite Food


Tell me honestly – what is your favourite food item? For the majority of us, it would be something that is high in sugar, salt, and/or fat. Of course, some people are lucky enough to have a favourite food that falls under the “healthy” category.

If you are fervently trying to lose weight and get in shape, you might be tempted to completely forgo your unhealthy favourite food. You might even feel a pang of guilt just thinking about it.  Well, today I am here to tell you that you do not have to completely deprive yourself of your favourite food, whatever it is. Your favourite food is not a poison – having a little will not kill you!

You see, it really is a game of psychology. If a particular food item is truly your favourite, you will crave it at least once in a while. You will drool in its presence – don’t deny it! But you see, having a proper dietary plan means that you are aware of whatever goes into your body, and that you are in total control.

If you know how to plan your diet, there is no way you can’t fit a small quantity of your favourite food in. There is always a way to work it in, even if it does mean cutting something else out. The proper way to do this is beyond the scope of this article. I cover it comprehensively in the Strategic Nutrition Guide.

Nevertheless, my point is this – you must never treat food as your enemy. And you must never feel guilty if you succumb to a binge eating episode. Such feelings do not serve your cause. It might sound counterintuitive and contrary to what you’ve been taught, but think about it a little deeper and you’ll know that it’s true.

Revizio / Pixabay
Revizio / Pixabay

Instead of being helpful, feelings of guilt can have the opposite effect and might sabotage the whole plan. When you feel guilty, you will also feel like giving up, right? And on the off-chance that it doesn’t, what do you think it will do? That’s right – bring about more guilt. This is not what success is made of, right? I discuss this in-depth in the Winning Psychology Manual.

If you treat your favourite food as a poison, you are a slave to it. Think about fire – it’s a good servant but a bad master, right? You can think about your favourite food in this way as well. So my advice is that you should continue to enjoy your favourite food, but just be aware of how much of it you consume.

So you might be wondering what my favourite food is. Well, ever since I was a child, my favourite food has always been fried eggs, Sunnyside! It’s not the unhealthiest, but it certainly isn’t the healthiest either. That may be why it was easy for me to switch to vegetarianism but not veganism. I’m a hippy after all, remember?

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to get the Winning Psychology Manual and the Strategic Nutrition Guide, you might as well them as part of the Granite Fitness Solution, or the Granite Fitness Masterclass if you already have fitness bands. I hope it serves you well.



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