Four Tips for People Who Dislike Cooking, But Have To Do It Anyway


Are you one of those people who dislike cooking? Guess what? You are not alone. Cooking can sometimes be a necessary evil for some of us. However, there are ways to reduce the melancholy while still getting the job done. I hope these four minor tips can help you with this.

One – Cook in Bulk

If cooking is such an agonising experience for you, there is really no point cooking every day, or even twice a week,right? If you are able to, cook one huge pot of a particular dish, compartmentalise them in small containers, and whack them all into the freezer. There, done and dusted.

You might be protesting at this point if you are the type of person who can’t stand eating the same food for six meals in a row. I understand that not everyone is as ghetto as me in the sense of being able to do that. This is where tip number two comes in.

Two – Cook Two Or More Dishes Consecutively

Ok, so if the thought of having spaghetti for four days in a row is simply unfathomable, how about having a freezer with some Phad Thai and Risotto as well? The solution – cook them consecutively. That means making your spaghetti dish first, and then moving onto the other two in the same cooking session. An added bonus to this is that you don’t really have to wash your utensils and crockery thoroughly in between.

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Three – Pick the Right Time to Cook

You can hardly find a worst “first world problem” feeling (apart from physical discomfort) than having to do a dreaded task and being under time pressure to complete it. That is why those who hate cooking should find a time when there is little or no pressure. That means scheduling your cooking on a lazy afternoon or evening. Do not cook when you are under time pressure because of a business meeting, or worse: a meeting with the in-laws later in the day. This also ties in with the fourth tip.

Four – Combine It with Some Other Activity

Since you are stuck doing something that you detest, why not simply try to lessen the pain by distracting yourself with something else? Since you are cooking on a lazy afternoon anyway, why not have the radio blasting in the background or having a few sips of beer throughout the cooking process? There is a reason why our maker gave us five senses, and that is for some senses to distract you from the anguish experienced by others.

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Thank you for reading my rant today! I really appreciate it.







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