Let’s Talk About Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks can be frightening and even paralyzing when they occur, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. They can be very frightening for the patient but can easily be treated through a program or management strategies and mechanisms.

What is an anxiety attack? It is an intense feeling of terror and panic. The person feels that they are losing control and will experience all the symptoms of being incredibly frightened. These include increased heart rate, sweating and shaking etc. These attacks can come suddenly and without warning. They can last for about 5-30 minutes, but the actual symptoms can last quite a bit longer.

Causes of anxiety attacks:

Sometimes it can be a simple as an overactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism.) This condition will speed up a person’s metabolism and body functions. This leads to insomnia and extreme nervousness. The results will be anxiety or panic attacks and symptoms similar to maniac depression. This condition can also lead to depression.


Heredity, childhood factors, biological factors can make people more susceptible to panic attacks. Manic or bipolar depression patients can also suffer from these anxiety attacks. Stress or depression can be part of anxiety attacks and  can aggravate the situation. Caffeine and nicotine or recreational drug use can also have an impact on your susceptibility to anxiety.


It is very important to treat anxiety attacks early or they will become habitual and may develop into something worse if neglected. They will not just go away. Managing and treating anxiety can involve a number of viable alternatives that you can use either instead of, or in conjunction with medicine.

Yoga is a good alternative medicine and can be used to reduce stress and regain control over you. Mediation, breathing exercises and physical positions help you to relax and release tension. Yoga’s calm yet disciplined approach to life can cut down panic attacks and allow you to improve the quality of your mental and physical health.

Eating better and exercising will help you to keep your body on a more even keel and will relieve stress. This can often help with panic or anxiety attacks. Excess of junk food can cause mood swings, which can aggravate your condition.


Sometimes you cannot find a cause for these attacks and it is often this that makes many sufferers so upset. If you are having anxiety attacks on a regular basis, correct diagnosis and options for treatment should be discussed with a doctor, but for many people understanding anxiety and exploring alternative treatments can minimize the impact of panic attacks.

Do not feel that you will just have to live with these attacks and the suffering that comes with it. Knowledge is power. Explore options for treatment as early as possible and get your life back in control again.

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