A Guide To Treadmills

Do you like treadmills? Some people like them; others hate them. If you dislike running, then you naturally won’t like them. If you love running outdoors, chances are that you also dislike them too. The rest of us don’t tend to mind it. From personal experience it is impractical to be exercising outdoors all the time. So the treadmill becomes an option.

There is a reason the first piece of equipment you see on “Biggest Loser” is a treadmill. Similarly, there is also a reason why there are so many of them in the gym. Running is one of, if not, the most vigorous exercise that burns the most calories. I have personally used this method to drop 25 kilos in six months, which I have written about.

As mentioned before, outdoor running has many issues such as rain, potholes, or the occasional scary animal).  Many people associate running with injuries and joint issues, which is a legitimate issue due to the high impact on your joints and muscles. I have borne the brunt of this firsthand and had to cut my regular running “career” short.

With a treadmill, you are able to take all of those variables away, and still have the same cardiovascular exercise in your own home. Running on a treadmill allows you to control your environment with a cushioned and flat running surface. Treadmills also are able to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels.

There is no learning curve involved at any time with exercising on a treadmill, with the exception, of course, of using the actual machine.  Like every other equipment, many people will get frustrated quickly if they don’t know how to use it. So this article will give you a few tips on getting a treadmill. Before we proceed, you should ask people you know about their treadmill.

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If you are a “gym person”, or are somehow able to go to one, make your way there and walk or run on several of the treadmills available to get a true feel for the structure and performance of each piece of equipment.  Apart from that, here is a list of ten questions to ask yourself when considering a treadmill:

One: How much weight can it sustain?

Two: What kind of extra features do you need?

Three: How much space do you have for it? And how can it be stored?

Four: Can the size dimensions allow you to swing your arms with comfort?

Five: Does the motor have a good reputation?

Six: What range of speed can the machine offer?

Seven: How quiet is it when being operated?

Eight: Does it fall within your budget?

Nine: How long is the warranty?

Ten: What safety features are there?

There we go. Make sure to ask these questions. Of course, if you are buying it second hand from a private dealer, they might not be able to meet all your requirements. Another thing you can do is read the online reviews for certain models. We have plenty of treadmills on the Granite Fitness Online Store with heaps of reviews. Check them out.

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