Six Tips For Healthy Eating

Do you know what it takes to eat well? Deep down inside most of us probably do. Even if we don’t they have been discussed so much that we end up knowing what is good for us. Of course, I’m talking about the more obvious ones rather than all the fudgy fads that are going around. Nevertheless, although we are aware of these, we often brush them aside. So today’s post is a re-iteration of what we need to do to eat well. May this serve as a reminder to us all.

One: Eat When You Feel Hungry

That’s right. Despite what some fad diets promote, your intuition can be a really strong feeling. And it has developed over generations. Do not ignore your instincts; be in tune with your body. When you feel hungry, go ahead and eat.

Two: Only Eat Until You Are Satisfied

As humans, we do have the tendency to eat even when we are no longer hungry. Some would call it a primal instinct developed back in the days when food supplies were not consistent. However, if you are aware of when you are no longer hungry and stop there, you’d be doing yourself a favour.

Three: Use As Many Senses As You Can

This ties in to the idea that you should savour your food rather than just wolf everything down. When you eat mindlessly while focusing on something else, the tendency to overeat is hard to deal with because more likely than not, you might not even be aware of it.

Four: Accountability Is The Name Of The Game

If you find yourself eating junk food often, you need a plan of accountability. Perhaps writing everything down and letting your personal trainer look at the list? Remember that when you want to squash any bad habit, the first step is to acknowledge and be aware that there is a problem.

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Five: Don’t Feel Guilty When You Indulge

So you decided to have a high-calorie snack or a cheat meal. Truth be told, it’s no biggie as long as it is an occasional meal. So try not to feel any guilt as long as you know that it only happens occasionally. There is really nothing wrong with a treat once in a while. Furthermore, it’s just part of human psychology, which is why ‘all or nothing’ prohibition does not work.

Six: Broaden Your Horizons

Ok, artsy-fartsy me just had to put something general and ambiguous to end the list, right? What I really mean to say is that your creativity can contribute to your positive eating habits. That means that a simple fruit salad that is healthy can be dolled up to look like a huge treat. Try altering its arrangement or putting it in a nice bowl. Then indulge.

I hope this post served as a nice reminder of good eating habits. Remember that although we already know all of this deep down, a timely reminder is always good for us to evaluate how we are going with them, and how much more conscious we need to be if we want to effect positive changes in our lives.

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