Six Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries

In some of our previous posts we have covered the topic of sporting injuries – unsurprising, as this is primarily a fitness-focused blog. The harsh reality is that it is almost impossible to completely avoid all types of injuries – that’s just how it is. However, the next best thing for us is to reduce injury risk as much as possible.

Today we will be covering a few things you can do to minimise your chances of succumbing to injuries. Some of these tips will seem obvious or be revision to you. However, sometimes we do need to be reminded of them, since human nature is to ignore potential issues until they become a problem. Here goes:

One: Warm Up

The most obvious one, isn’t it? Just like you should be warming up before a workout, you should also warm up before playing your team sport of choice. Depending on the level you’re competing at, this might already be incorporated into your routine. Once your muscles are warmed up, your chances of sustaining an injury is reduced.


Two: Safety Equipment

Obviously, this point is not relevant to every single sport out there. It also applies more to the more intense sports, especially full-contact ones, which have a much higher risk of injury. The safety equipment exists for a reason and it is very important to help protect you from accidents and injuries.  Without wearing the equipment, you are increasing your risk of being injured.

Three: Know The Rules

Now we’ve come to one that does not always seem obvious. Knowing the rules and guidelines for the sport you are playing can really help, because some rules are there to prevent injury that results from playing inappropriately. Ensure that you, and others in the game play to the rules.

Four: Condition Yourself

As an athlete, you might already know this. If you’re playing at a junior or amateur level, you might not. If your sport of choice works a certain set of muscles intensely, you should do separate workouts to ensure that those muscles are able to take the strain come game day. Don’t neglect this point if you know what’s good for you.

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Five: Rest

This is another thing some people don’t pay attention to. While the idea of playing your favorite sport 24/7 may seem like the greatest idea, the reality of how much your body can takes might render it not such a good idea. Always take frequent breaks to ensure you do not wear yourself out.  By ensuring that you get enough rest, your sports career will be prolonged. Makes sense, right?

Six: Recover First

Sick? Tired? Hurting? As hard as this might be to swallow, the best thing to do is not to play. It does sound counterintuitive sometimes, especially for team sports, but it is logical. Think about it – if you are tired or not alert, your chances of negligence leading to injuries will be higher, won’t it? Might as well wait till you’re good to go before going at it hard.

Hopefully the six tips given above have been useful to you. For more information on how to workout (not on specific sports), check out the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint, which is part of the Granite Fitness Masterclass. And also check out the links below:


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