Five Interesting Health Rituals That Some People Swear By

Fitness is a way of life. Like it or not, people like me who have successfully lost weight and kept it off over the long term will tell you that, and will tell you that unapologetically. While long-term weight maintenance does involve a lot of work, there are some things people have done to make it easier. After all, you eat an elephant one bite at a time, like the saying goes.

In fact, small things do add up. That was why the original Granite Fitness home page offers a video series with tips that can help in the long run if adhered to. It is also why a subscription to the Granite Fitness Blog will bring you a report with many such tips. Today we are going to explore a few of these fitness rituals that have helped celebrities and well-known personalities stay in shape.

One: Micro-Workouts

While long-term fitness necessitates a planned and regimented workout routine, a small change you can make would be micro workouts. As an example, well known celebrity Miranda Kerr takes advantage of even a few seconds between sets to pump out a few squats here and there. A little bit here and there is better than nothing, right?

Two: Stand At Work

Atten-hut! Stand at attention with a good posture, and it can strengthen your back muscles! Another idea is to build a standing desk and spend periods of time standing while at work. It’s probably easy to believe that standing up expends more calories than sitting down as more muscles are used for that state. Of course, depending on where you work, this might not even be an option.

Three: Jumping Jacks

When we think of jumping jacks, our instinct would take us to military films. In reality, however, these are really good exercises that work both the cardiovascular system as well as the white muscles, which are trained up by strength training. Another benefit of jumping jacks is that the quick blood flow stimulates the lymphatic system, which is the bodily system that transports waste products.

Four: Yoga

Apparently, a ten minute session of yoga is good enough to provide benefits to your body, provided you do it diligently, of course. Health guru Dr Mehmet Oz swears by it. His main reason for doing short yoga sessions is to reduce blood pressure and inflammation, as well as to improve his flexibility. Sure, some of us have a pretty poor opinion of him as some of the things he advises are questionable, but this one is probably not one of those.

Five: Eat More Vegetables

Hmm… this one doesn’t take a genius to figure out. But I need to put it in here because it is an often overlooked point. You see, by including more vegetables, you are increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body. This particular ritual will pay dividends in the future with good health as your measuring stick.

So what do you think of all of these? Personally, I have adhered to all of them to varying extents, except the yoga one. Remember, small things like this can offer long-term benefit. A subscription to this blog will give you a list of such tips. However, in the long-term, a structured program such as the Granite Fitness Masterclass is what is required for successful weight loss.


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